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Products powered by GPT 4o offer intelligence comparable to GPT-4. They enable real-time processing of text, vision, and audio, creating immersive experiences in education, content creation, and more.

ChatGPT 4o: Enhanced Intelligence for Text, Visual, and Audio Interactions

About GPT 4o

GPT 4o, also known as ChatGPT 4o, serves as a flagship model offering GPT-4 level intelligence with enhanced speed and capabilities for text, visual, and audio interactions

When it comes to GPT 4o, it's the new flagship model of ChatGPT designed to deliver GPT-4 level intelligence to all users. GPT 4o is notably faster than previous versions and offers enhanced capabilities in text, visuals, and audio. Over the past few years, we've been focused on elevating the intelligence of these models, and GPT 4o marks a significant step forward in usability. This is crucial as we explore the future of human-machine interaction, believing that GPT 4o will greatly transform collaborative experiences to be more natural and effortless.

The launch of GPT 4o is no small feat because there are many things at play when we communicate with each other that often go unseen. This includes how we interrupt each other, background noise, multiple voices in group conversations, and understanding tone. All of this is quite complex for models to handle. Previously, in voice mode, we needed three models to provide this experience: transcription, intelligent understanding, and text-to-speech. Coordinating these models introduced significant delays, breaking the immersion of ChatGPT collaboration. However, with GPT 4o, all these functionalities can be achieved natively. GPT 4o handles voice, text, and visuals, and this high efficiency allows us to provide a GPT-4 level experience to free users. This has been a goal we've been striving towards for several months, and we're thrilled to finally bring GPT 4o to all users.

In summary, the launch of GPT 4o enables us to offer high-level AI tools to all users, a key part of our mission. For premium users, they will continue to enjoy up to five times the capacity of free users. But GPT 4o isn't limited to just ChatGPT; we're also applying it to our API, allowing developers to immediately start using GPT 4o to build outstanding AI applications and achieve scalable deployment. GPT 4o is twice as fast as GPT-4, 5O% cheaper, and has a five-fold increase in limits.

ChatGPT 4o - Cases and Applications

Use GPT 4o Demos

he versatility of GPT 4o opens up a myriad of applications across various domains:

Scene descriptionDemo video

Introducing GPT-4o, our new model which can reason across text, audio, and video in real time.It's extremely versatile, fun to play with, and is a step towards a much more natural form of human-computer interaction (and even human-computer-computer interaction

Say hello to GPT-4o, our new flagship model which can reason across audio, vision, and text in real time: . Text and image input rolling out today in API and ChatGPT with voice and video in the coming weeks.

A student shares their iPad screen with the new ChatGPT + GPT-4o, and the AI speaks with them and helps them learn in *realtime*. Imagine giving this to every student in the world.The future is so, so bright.

DISCOVER Chatgpt 4o

GPT 4o Introduction

OpenAI introduces GPT 4o, a transformative AI model enabling real-time, multimodal interactions with advanced emotion recognition, enhancing accessibility worldwide.

Today marks a significant leap forward in AI accessibility and capability with the launch of OpenAI's latest flagship model, GPT 4o. GPT 4o represents a monumental achievement in the field of natural language processing and AI interaction, designed to bring GPT-4 level intelligence to users worldwide, including free users, in an efficient and groundbreaking manner.

What is GPT 4o?

GPT 4o is the next iteration of OpenAI's Generative Pre-trained Transformer series, following in the footsteps of its predecessor, GPT-4. It is an advanced AI model trained on vast amounts of data to understand and generate human-like text with unprecedented accuracy and nuance. GPT 4o builds upon the success of GPT-4, enhancing not only its intelligence but also its efficiency and real-time capabilities across text, vision, and audio modalities.

Key Features and Improvements

  • 1. Real-time Interaction: GPT 4o introduces real-time responsiveness, allowing users to engage with the model in natural conversation without significant delays or interruptions. This advancement eliminates the typical lag experienced in previous models, making interactions with GPT 4o more seamless and engaging.
  • 2. Multimodal Capabilities: Unlike its predecessors, GPT 4o seamlessly integrates text, vision, and audio processing within a single model. This means GPT 4o can interpret and generate responses across different modalities simultaneously, enabling a richer and more immersive user experience.
  • 3. Enhanced Emotion Recognition: GPT 4o possesses advanced emotion recognition capabilities, enabling it to perceive and respond to emotional cues in real-time conversation. This feature significantly enhances the model's ability to understand context and tailor responses accordingly.
  • 4. Improved Accessibility: One of the most groundbreaking aspects of GPT 4o is its accessibility. OpenAI is democratizing access to cutting-edge AI technology by making GPT 4o available to all users, including those on free plans. This move aims to empower millions of individuals worldwide to harness the power of advanced AI tools without constraints.

Future Implications and Challenges

As with any advanced technology, GPT 4o presents new challenges, particularly in ensuring its safe and ethical use. OpenAI remains committed to collaborating with stakeholders across industries to address concerns related to privacy, security, and misuse of AI technologies. Moreover, the deployment of GPT 4o signifies a significant step forward in AI-human collaboration, paving the way for a future where interactions with machines are more natural, intuitive, and impactful.

In summary, GPT 4o represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of AI, heralding a new era of accessible and sophisticated AI capabilities. Its real-time, multimodal features coupled with enhanced accessibility underscore OpenAI's commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI innovation while empowering users worldwide to unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence.


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